Custom Harley Seats

Although we are well known for our sportbike work we do all kinds of motorcycle seats.  We have been doing more Harley Seats lately and here are some of the latest to leave the shop.

The first seat is a custom Harley-Davidson seat that the owner wanted refreshed. The foam had been compressed from years of riding and the material on the seat was showing its age. He wanted the same shape and design but with a little extra. We matched the original design with an applique of black ostrich vinyl with a bright red stitch. This was all covered over some new foam to replace the comfort that had been lost.

Original Harley Seat
Finished custom Harley Seat

The next seat is one the owner wanted updated. The old button style look is not one that he wanted to put back on his Harley when it was done being customized. We recovered it, without changing the shape, in our Vision synthetic leather. Being a veteran of the Air Force, he asked us to put the Air Force logo on the back of the seat.

Harley Seat Before
Harley Seat Recovered
Air Force Logo Close-up

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