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New Image Upholstery is owned and operated by Lee Gorrera. Lee is a second generation upholsterer. Learning the craft from his father working on furniture as a young boy, Lee learned by watching, helping and eventually doing the work. As he approached his teens, Lee became interested, as most teens do, in cars and trucks and motorcycles. He took the craft that his father taught him and applied it to cars. Lee moved to York, PA and armed with a home sewing machine started working his upholstery trade in his own business, Gorrera Upholstery. Working on furniture, cars, boats, motorcycles and anything else he could to make ends meet he starting to forge a reputation for great work, service and reasonable prices. In 1987, the name of the business was changed to New Image Upholstery. It never changed hands, it was just a representation of what Lee provides, a New Image for your car, truck, boat, motorcycle, or whatever. from New Image Upholstery