If you have been searching for the best looking seats and accessories to finish the look of your motorcycle, you have come to the right place.  From our cut sport bike seats, to our comfortable cruiser seats, we turn your ideas into the best looking most comfortable seats available.  With many options like; In house embroidery and digitization, Illuminated logos (Loglows), Custom cuts, tank bras, gear pouches and many more; we make your ideas a reality.  Look around, see what you like, get creative and give us a call to personalize your seat!

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Motorcycle Upholstery

It’s not just about looks

You are probably thinking these seats look great but how to they feel?  We have skeptical people ask all the time, they don’t believe that cutting foam out would make a seat feel better, but get on one of Lee’s seats and you feel the difference.

We do more than just seats

Helmets, cowl covers, gear bags, and tank bras.  We have created different ways to not only change the looks of your bike but to also protect and add functionality.  Cowl covers to further change the look and protect from boot scuffs.  The possibilities are endless.

Unmatched service

When you call New Image you deal with the man doing the work.  There is no middle man, Lee answers your call, he talks to you and provides honest answers.  Custom embroidery is handled in-house to insure quick turnarounds and affordable work.  The fact is we hear all the time about our great service, we work with you to insure that your seat isn’t off your motorcycle too long.  This is a small family owned business and Lee always treats you like your part of the family.  The goal is to get you what you want in a reasonable amount of time.

What about Gel?

We don’t suggest that you install gel into seats.  Most gel seats feel great when you touch them with your hands, and the gel definitely feels softer than the foam around it.  Well the truth is that is because most gel seats have a harder foam in the seat to provide rigidity.  Another problem with the gel seats is gel is not a breathable material.  This means that there is no flow of air through the material and the gel heats up quickly.  The gel begins to absorb the heat and expands inside of its pouch becoming harder and harder.  We have also encountered seats that had gel installed aftermarket.  We have found cut pieces of gel that are not sealed and starting to leak into the foam we evenfound gel under the foam of the seat, completely under 4-5 inches of foam!  We will compare our seat comfort any day of the week to a gel seat.  You will find that our seats feel good when you sit on them, just like many gel seats, but our seats still feel good after an hour of riding.

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The New Image Story

Lee is a second generation upholsterer.  Learning the craft from his father working on furniture as a young boy, Lee learned by watching, helping and eventually doing the work.  As he approached his teens, Lee became interested, as most teens do, in cars and trucks and motorcycles.  He took the craft that his father taught him and applied it to cars.  Lee moved to York, PA and armed with a home sewing machine started working his upholstery trade in his own business, Gorrera Upholstery.  Working on furniture, cars, boats, motorcycles and anything else he could to make ends meet he starting to forge a reputation for great work, service and reasonable prices.   In 1987, the name of the business was changed to New Image Upholstery.  It never changed hands, it was just a representation of what Lee provides, a New Image for your car, truck, boat, motorcycle, or whatever. Since November 2013, New Image has been located in Myrtle Beach South Carolina.  The all year riding and proximity to water sports allows Lee to be closer to his core customers as well as his free-time passions.

New Image Custom Seats

In 2001 before we first started gaining exposure for our Tobin Seats, Lee was approached by a local Hayabusa racer who asked, “Can you get me into a seat that keeps me from sliding back on the drag strip?” We accepted the challenge and that question led Lee and our upholstery team to develop and design personalized and custom seats. Our exclusive designed seats allow riders to enjoy their bikes for a longer period of time which also relieves pressure that causes aches and pains. While creating seats that aim to give motorcyclists more ride time while they stay comfortable, we also make sure our customers receive the highest possible quality seats in the shortest amount of time. We currently have reshaped, cut, and recovered more than 7,500 seats and counting and that number alone speaks volumes about the great service that we provide. Our service is offered to scooters, bobbers, choppers, Harley, Kawasaki, Spyders, and more; If it has 2 wheels then we can do it.

Additional Features Introducing Loglow

In 2010, we gained patent pending status for our newest product called ‘Loglow’, where we use LED lights to illuminate seat designs.  We also offer in-house embroidery designs to further cut the time bikers need to be off their motorcycles. We are constantly looking for new ideas for products and services to keep our business fresh and current.

Call Us at 717-495-9934 or email info@newimageseats.com

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Contact and Location Information


(717) 495-9934





Location / Mailing Address

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3300 Holmestown Road Myrtle Beach, SC 29588

Shop is in rear of Building Right Next to Speedway


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