Custom Hayabusa Seat

The Original Idea

It all started with a question; “Can you make me a seat that functions on the track and on the street?”  That got the creative juices flowing and Lee Gorrera was to off to create a ground breaking design.  Calling on years of upholstery experience along with a love of riding motorcycles, Lee came up with the original cut custom Hayabusa seat.  The design sits you into the bike, holding you from sliding back but also relieving pressure off your tail bone.

Gen 2 Hayabusa with A New Image Custom Hayabusa Seat
Gen 2 Busa with a New Image Custom Hayabusa Seat and matching Tank Bra

Tobin Seats

The New Image Custom Hayabusa Seat was well received by the original owner, and He loved to show it off at the track.  He approached Lee with a plan to sell the seats at the local drag strips.  From there the plan branched out to selling on the internet and Tobin Seats soon became a well respected modification for the Suzuki Hayabusa.  During this time, designs were worked out and customizations with embroidery started happening.  Lee also began working his concept or re-shaping the seats on other sport bikes.   Other products like hump pads, and bras were designed to complement the Hayabusa seat as well at the motorcycle itself.  Tobin Seats lasted for a time, but Lee’s partner found himself focusing on other endevours and the partnership was ended.

Hayabusa with a New Image Custom Hayabusa Seat
Hayabusa with a New Image Custom Hayabusa Seat

New Image Custom Hayabusa Seat

So with the end of Tobin Seats in sight, Lee ventured onto the World Wide Web.  His goal was to offer his services to the riding community without having a middle man.  This change also meant that he had some more freedom to come up with new ideas.  He eventually purchased his own embroidery machines to help speed up turn around time and to offer in-house digitizing of designs.  Innovation then struck again when he had the idea to illuminate the seats using LEDs.  Loglows were born and offered yet another option for His customers.  Throughout the years 1000’s upon 1000’s of people have gotten a New Image Seat, many getting multiple seats done.  They keep coming back because Lee offers great one-on-one service, unmatched craftsmanship and the highest quality materials he can find.

Suzuki Sportbike Seat Pictures

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