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Chris Neal

The seat is amazing and the quality of work is kick ass. Everywhere I go or post this bike the seat get big props as it should. He made this seat and had it back to me in a few days. The bike is flat out wicked.

Chris, Austin, Texas.

Chris also posted our praises on BikeLand.org in the following forum here at ZX-14.com

SgtMaj Rufino “Charlie” Mendez Jr.

We received the following through our Dealer Distributor:

Good afternoon Josh,
Just wanted to let you know the seats look amazing. Thanks for help and
please let the folks at the upholstery shop know that I appreciate their
workmanship, awesome job! Checkout the pics…

SgtMaj Rufino “Charlie” Mendez Jr.
Recruiting Station New York

Mike Harrison II

Thanks Fellas I am very Happy and Satisfied with my seats and can feel the differene I plan on doing and bringing you guys business in the future or soon,im getting so many comments on them already here in Detroit especially being the first GSXR with your seats.
Again THANKS and keep doing what you do best and thats making HOT Seats!!!

Arkady Gringauz

Jack C

I ride a 2005 cruiser. I dropped my stock seat off to Lee and 1 week later picked up my reshaped seat. I needed height taken out of the seat. Lee did an awesome job! It’s like I have a brand new bike. I now sit “In” the bike and have much more control. If you want top notch craftsmanship, Lee is THE man, PERIOD! This is the best money that I have spent on my bike by far. Speaking of money, he is more than fair. You may pay less elsewhere, but you’ll end up with FAR less in quality. Forget about sending seats to Florida, just ship them to York and Lee will take care of you.

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We got an email from Ken at MRCYCLES.  He wanted to share a post he made on Hayabusa.org.  Ken isn’t the only Busa rider that is singing our praises!

Scott T.

I had a seat made a little over a year ago (through ballz motorsports) and I don’t think I got around to sending in a pic or letting you know how much I liked it…thanks again!!

Racer X Detriot

Thanks again Lee the seat is sweet.

Greg Thinker

This is the 3rd seat like this that I have purchased and was by far the best experience. The folks at New Image were super helpful with the design and faster than you can imagine. New Image is where you want to get your seat work done. Trust me!

Ed “The Factor”

I am so impressed with the quality and speed of delivery  for such a  great job with custom upulstery. Its so comfortable now and has lowered me on the bike and totally love the new feel it gave me . The pad that was added in the back of the seat keeps me locked in nicely for my trackdays no more sliding back . Thankyou Lee for the beautiful job !!!


Love the seat!  I have already received unsolicited comments about the looks and quality from folks that park in our motorcycle parking area here in Virginia.  Not only does it look that good but after finally getting to ride after all the rain I can tell you the seat is really comfortable.  Using the gold thread/stitching for the lettering and the kanji on the side went and balanced well with the large kanji on the fairing which is a subtle gold on the dark gray/black.

Tom Texas

Lee thanks for the great work on the seat and tank bra. Thanks for getting it done so quickly.

Rob “Red Beard” Treat

I’ve been a long time customer of Lee’s and his work FAR EXCEEDED ANY OTHER UPHOLSTERY SHOP ON THE EAST COAST.I have a 2007 Harley Davidson Trike and I approached Lee with my idea, and he ran with it. I entered my bike in the 2008 Gettysburg Bike Fest bike show and it took “First Place Trike”. If your looking to have your car, bike, truck etc done, then Lee is the man to do the job. You wanted the best, Lee is the best. I WILL NOT go to anyone else with my upholstery or embroidering needs.

Warm Regards,

Robert “RedBeard” Treat
Harrisburg, PA

AL in Cali

Dear Lee, Attached are some pics of the seats on my ’04 Busa.  They really made the bike more comfortable and usable, not to mention they look great: excellent craftsmanship, fit and function.  Hope everything is going well for you.  Best wishes, Al

James Bradshaw

Thanks Lee. The seat looks great. Here is a pic of it on my bike.

Tim Withers

Hello Lee,
I wanted to send you some pics of the seats that you did for my GSXR1000. I am glad that I followed your advice about how to do the seats. The seats look much better than I anticipated! I would recommend your work to anyone. I was also very pleased with the 2 day turn around. Thanks for the service you provide as well as the high quality of your work!
Thanks again!
Timothy Shawn Withers

John Heckman

This fellow is an artisan.  Beautiful work, very fair prices.  His turn around time was two days to do two seats.  Top that if you can!!!

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